Stop GEdit opening FTP files as read-only

Posted on 2007-11-23

I use Debian's "Places -> connect to server..." dialog to setup connections to several FTP servers. Copying and such like work fine, but when I try to use GEdit, it always opens the file read-only. I can "Save As" to the exact file, so it wasn't a permission problem. The trick is in some totally obscure config file. Here's the (in GUI) steps to fix it:

  1. Run gconf-editor
  2. Open the tree to /apps/gedit-2/preferences/editor/save
  3. Edit writable_vfs_schemes
  4. Add ftp to the list

Voila. Gedit saving FTP. Via the kaylus on the Ubuntu Forums, but it is the same in Debian Etch.

Tags: debian etch ftp gedit