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2016-08-06 URLs to directly share on social websites
2015-10-20 Dumping and restoring a rotated MySQL table
2015-02-07 Installing Jekyll on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahir)
2015-01-07 Workaround for AWS IAM SSL certificate upload error for StartSSL cert
2014-02-08 Vector graphics in Microsoft Word
2014-01-09 VirtualBox IE11 image from on Ubuntu 13.04 (raring)
2013-12-29 Adding a read-only Postgresql user
2012-08-08 Rotating MySQL log tables
2012-08-01 Delete cached certificate from Remmina
2012-03-04 POSTing with Curl
2011-06-22 Disable INFO logging from AWS Java SDK
2010-10-17 How to convert an OpenType font (.otf) to TrueType (.ttf)
2010-07-25 DNS in client-side JavaScript
2010-07-21 Parameters for tcpdump
2010-04-04 How to extract a table from a Microsoft Access .mdb file
2010-03-15 Fix for Google AppEngine "ImportError: cannot import name os_compat" on Linux
2010-02-20 Migrating from Google AppEngine to Linode
2009-11-30 MySQL Setup on Ubuntu Hardy Heron
2009-11-04 Fix for VMWare time drift problems
2009-09-25 Cursor keys for VMWare Server 2.0
2009-07-21 AppEngine error in ant enhance task
2009-07-12 PHP for .html files
2009-02-17 awk command for line numbers
2008-07-05 Default Pages
2008-07-05 AppEngine memcached key length limit
2008-01-01 Browser Stats for December 2007
2007-12-30 Using xsane with a Canon CanoScan LiDE 60 on Debian Etch
2007-12-30 Resuming an HTTP download with Curl
2007-11-26 How to make a word list from an aspell dictionary
2007-11-23 Stop GEdit opening FTP files as read-only
2007-11-19 VMWare Server on a headless Debian Etch
2007-10-26 Avoid hogging bandwidth with curl's --limit-rate
2007-10-06 Making PDFs on Debian Etch
2007-10-06 Making images of floppy disks and CD-ROMs on Linux
2007-09-22 Swapping columns in a text file
2007-09-22 Thumbnails with ImageMagick
2007-08-25 Linus on Debian: WTF?
2007-08-23 Installing png2ico on Debian Etch
2007-08-20 VMWare server will not run after Debian Etch updates
2007-06-03 JCharset with Tomcat 5.5
2007-05-30 bash equivalent to the Windows "start" command line
2007-05-19 Tab size in vi
2007-05-15 Custom java parameters for Tomcat on Debian Etch
2007-05-15 Custom Server Header for Tomcat in Debian Etch
2007-05-12 Network interfaces for a Debian Etch guest under VMWare
2007-04-12 Grepping through subdirectories
2007-04-07 Tomcat on port 80
2007-03-30 Excluding subversion files from ZIP
2007-03-28 Strangeness with hwclock
2007-03-15 Install VMWare server on Debian Etch
2007-03-15 Installing Java on Debian Etch
2007-03-12 Debian rocks
2007-03-12 What I don't like about my new Dell
2007-03-12 Why I didn't get a Mac
2007-02-21 Traffic from search engine robots
2007-01-28 Introduction

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